Daft Laws, Continued

Mayor Amundsen is on the warpath ahead of tonight’s City Council meeting. Last night he went after laws that are unenforced, unenforceable, or that are actually illegal.


“No Extra-Governmental Organizations or Assemblies of Elders may gather within the City Limits”

” ‘Hill People’ are required to attend worship services, as their presence reminds the faithful what was lost of Eden.”

” ‘Mountain Folk’ are not permitted in camp on Sundays as their appearance disturbs the women.”

“Magicians, illusionists, conjurers, and related field of entertainment must disclose the working of all tricks to the City Council within five days of a performance. Streetcorner performances are not allowed.”

“Anyone using the term ‘copper’ to refer to commissioned officers of the police will be fined Five Dollars and write a letter of apology to the aggrieved officer or officers.”

“Police Officers are not allowed to be offended by members of the public.”


I think you get the idea.

On the other side of the scale, there is an argument floating around that these are part of the history of the town and should be preserved. Only two people in town are making this argument, and we aren’t naming names. However, if there is a challenger next year for Mayor, I think it’s safe to say they’ll be coming from the Anti Freemason/Extraterrestrial/Lizard camp.