Too old for this crap

Six years. Now, I’m telling you, if you called a plumber and he said it would be six hours before he could fix a clogged toilet, you’d keep calling around for other options. If the EMT said it would be six minutes before he’d bother doin’ CPR on ya, you’d stay alive probably outta sheer spite.

But Six Years? To Fix a rinky-dink website nobody reads?

Well, some SOB (or DOB, or, I dunno, KOB?) was readin it, and killin it every time we got it up.

Well, jokes on you, ya filthy so-an-so! Because some of us around here have gone out and, as Edna would put it, “bothered to listen to the smart kids.” Now we are hosted, toasted, and boasted on The Cloud!

Now, I’m sure you already know this but “The Cloud” just means “Somebody Else’s Computer You Pay To Use,” so we passed the hat and made The Council of Old Guys pay up on that bet we had back in ’03, and got ourselves a brand new IT infrastructure that live… somewhere else.

This is important to know, just in case you’re the KOB(?) that has been taking us offline for the last six years: None of this is running out of the back room at the Historical Society anymore. If you wanna take us down now, you’re gonna have to go find the right Cloud, and go knock on THEIR door. Huff and Puff and blow THAT ONE down. Ha!


Alright, well, gloating aside, a lot has happened in the last six years, which you already know if you bother calling or coming to visit, but with the new updates, if there’s any details you’re missing, we’ll fill you in as we go.

Thanks for sticking with us during these aggravating times,

~The Editor

This post made possible by “The Cloud” which they didn’t give me a login for in case I broke something