The Note on The Diner Door

Edna got to the diner this morning to find a note tacked to the door. The letters were scrawled in red crayon, barely legible. As far as Officer Martinez could make out, it read “chicken hockey.” Edna read it as “odder looting.” The security camera in the diner showed only the silhouette of someone sliding along the side of the building, trying the door, then tacking the note up and slinking back around the building.

The police will be keeping an eye out for anyone lurking around town wielding red crayons in a desperate attempt for attention. Meanwhile, Edna is taking Martinez’s reading of the note as a suggestion, and will be serving chicken croquettes (aka meat pucks) as the lunch special today. The dinner special will be a surprise based on her own reading of the note. “Most of you will love ‘odder looting,’ if I know a thing or two about this town.”