And After Much Ado

Well, the announcement last night surprised everybody, but it really wasn’t a surprise, and left the assembled residents shrugging and half smiling to themselves.

That announcement, of course, is the identity of the proud new owner of North Parcel 5.

An anonymous resident who wishes to remain anonymous, who just wanted the perfect place to be left alone.

It was agreed that Art Song would be the administrative representative of this person, but hold no claim or liability to the land nor anything under it.

Now, I know that this won’t be much of an open secret for too long, and that a lot of the Leverite diaspora will balk at being left in the dark on this. Just doesn’t feel right to go on record with this against his or her wishes. If it’s that important to you, why not give your folks a call and ask them directly. No sense advertising it here where any yabbo with a smartphone might see it.