Always Funny, Not Always Appropriate

Papa Jones came in to town today to sit with the Council of Old Guys. He hid behind his newspaper as him and Buster made rude body noises back and forth at each other, while blaming it on a non-existent dog sitting under the bench. The other members of the Council, as well as Olaf, then proceeded to try and talk politics and religion without busting up laughing. By the end of the little jam session, the one thing they could all agree on was “Somebody needs to take that ‘dog’ to a vet.”

Not everyone was laughing about this though. Everyone knows that Stumpy has a pretty, umm, sympathetic constitution. So, all the gross noises were turning his stomach something fierce, so the Council of Old Guys, and Olaf, got shooed off to the Sculpture Garden, where they discussed global politics that way most folks discuss sports. There were no impolite noises this time. Not in the Sculpture Garden. Nope, the self-preservation instinct is strong in these fellows.