The Leverite Pipers

Harold Piper just got back from Nevada this week where he has been a guest at a dig his PhD candidate daughter Ani is on.

First, we would like to congratulate Ani on all her hard work. You make us all proud! Many of us remember when you first volunteered at the museum when you were thirteen, and how apt a pupil you were. We are so excited for your success!

The byproduct of this is that Harold was allowed to photograph some of the dig, and will be presenting a digital slideshow Thursday “around sixish” on paleontology, archeology, and what happens when you discover 1000 year old bones and grave goods in the middle of a late Triassic digsite (Spoiler: you stop everything, touch nothing, and call the authorities!)

He also plans to discuss a recent issue with guests misbehaving in national parks and what we, as lovers of the outdoors, can do to help mitigate the damage.

Refreshments will be served, but he plans to talk awhile. Knowing Harold, you’ll wanna eat before you come out for the presentation.

This is a “locals only” event for reasons that will become obvious, so no out-of-town guests please.