Suspicious Activity

Brother Louis reports that he has seen some unfamiliar men outside of town as he made his rounds to the various shrines. In each case, they were dressed like campers, but something about them seemed very out of place.

“They didn’t make eye contact man. No, they stared intensely. Like they were trying to pull some alpha-male primate psych game to make you go away without talking with them,” he said. Not one to let surly strangers persuade him, He spoke with some of the gentlemen, noting that they all had very similar mode of conversation. “They weren’t conversing with me, not like normal folks. No, they were ‘handling me,’ man. My presence was a problem to be solved, and it was like they had been carefully trained in how to get folks to move along. Serious KGB hoodoo going on there my friend.”

He reported the three incidents to the Sheriff’s office, and a deputy came out but reports not seeing any persons of note.

If you are out and about, especially beyond the South Ridge, be sure to be on the lookout for small knots of strangers with “ripped biceps and intense doom stares.” Report any suspicious behavior to the authorities.

And may we remind any smart alecs reading that The Council of Old Guys getting ornery in the sculpture garden does not count asĀ  “suspicious activity.”