Favorite Fuddy Duddy Laws Wanted

Love em or hate em, we have some seriously wacky and oddly specific laws on the books in Leverite, and the Town Council wants to add one more. However, in order to do so and still comply with the “little agreement” imposed by the state, no new civic statutes can be made without tossing one of the several hundred archaic old ones we still have laying around.

So, the Town Council is asking residents to submit the laws that seem the silliest, as well as a justification for their removal. The most popular or least enforced will be compiled and put on the ballot this November.

This late bit of administrative spring cleaning is to open the door for new laws currently being discussed:

  • A ban on chemical weapons deployment within city limits
  • Officially allowing law enforcement to look in externally accessible crawlspaces without a warrant as a public safety measure
  • Officially and preemptively banning any attempt to keep badgers as pets within the city limits
  • Fines for vigilante roadwork and thoroughfare maintenance
  • A ban on the new construction or replacement of fences not currently on the historic registry

Submissions must be received by mail on a postcard. Open to current residents only. Direct family of current Council members are excluded from putting their offering in the hat, lest we have another round of Not-Technically-ballot-stuffing accusations like we had in ’07 with the “Official Town Ungulate” vote.