Breakfast Revolt

After a week of Waffles, all day, every day, the mania has passed from Edna. She has tripled the price, hoping to discourage anyone from ordering them ever again. This led to some grumbling out in the sculpture garden, where some folks were just getting used to the thin french crepes or hefty belgian style ones and were looking forward to having more variety in their breakfast options. The tiny cat shaped ones popular with children remained unchanged.

One of those grumbling loudest was “Uncle Jack” Mason. “First ones free, next one’s on me, after that you pay, is it?” he growled, poking unceremoniously at his ten dollar breakfast. “May as well just eat your cash and skip the middleman, uh, woman.”

In other news, the police have ruled the the shady patch of sidewalk upwind of the diner’s kitchen is “Technically OK to smoke in,” and invited anyone who has missed the thrill of kicking back with coffee, a cigarette, and the morning paper to come and light up. Officer Patterson said “With all the bad things going on in the world, I think it’s important that folks Stop, Breath, and consider spending the morning contemplating how wonderful life is.”

Police apparently got the idea from Buster, who walked out of the diner in a huff when he saw the price hike, found the bench in question, and had done just that.

“As one of the Council of Old Guys, I think Buster sets a fine example. A bit rough around the edges, but the kind of guy who gets things done.” Officer Patterson said. “Besides, it’s not like anybody in town was going to try and stop him.”