Freedom Fries

Ok, well, today’s special was “Freedom Fries.” The dish consisted of baked potato skins and a note from the “escaped” fries. It stated that they had run off to join the resistance, and that “…if you still love us, ma cherie, do not come looking for us. Viva la France!” Creative, but the humor was a bit over some folks heads. That, or they didn’t bother to read the note. Either way, there were a lot of confused looks among patrons, and out in the sculpture garden, folks were wondering if maybe both Edna and Mayor Amundsen need to take some time off to get out of town and stretch their legs.

The heat has gotten everybody a little stir crazy. A political discussion amongst the Council of Old Guys turned uncharacteristically hostile, and even Brother Louis was a little more pointed in his views this afternoon as he discussed environmental concerns with his neighbor.

August really is just a good time to stay in where the air conditioning is.