Well wishes from Prague

“We miss Oregon. We miss Leverite. We miss the Neighbors. Heck, we even miss having to run outside at two in the morning to lockup the trashcans as raccoons swept through town. But hearing Rumplestiltzkat is on the loose, we feel much safer being on the other side of the planet about now, especially considering Korra was one of the two vet techs that survived the “let’s neuter the Tomcat-From-Hell now that he has already reached puberty” incident.

We hope you all survive and, should we ever get back for a visit, that Leverite isn’t a vine-infested ghost town with a single hateful inhabitant.


Korra and Dale Johnson (and family)”


Well we certainly appreciate the good thoughts about now. Rump was last seen sitting on the bench outside Stumpy’s menacing customers. Ken took it on himself to lure the beast away by chucking several partially opened cans of tuna into the woods across the street from the shop. We are concerned that this sort of low-grade terror might become the new normal. So much for sitting on the front deck feeding the birds if something isn’t done.