Hill and Stream report – Mid June

Sheila is back from her survey of the south ridge. She says that the “campers” have moved along after some gentle nudging, and that things on the hill are, “…about as quiet as you would hope they could be…for this time of year at least.”

Of concern are signs that badgers have found their way as far up as the lower falls looking for fish. By now, they should have returned to the valley, but something is pressuring them up-country. Sheila, being the resident expert on badgers, believes they are trying to avoid competing with their young for resources, and that hopefully the tracks and wallows she found are old enough to represent an end to the breeding season. So, be on the lookout if you’re heading that way as badgers can be pretty vicious if they feel cornered.

Sheila also wanted to thank the City Council for their work in reducing the number of tourists in the area, and directing those that do show up toward appropriate places such as our many wonderful State Parks and Campgrounds, and away from the idyllic mountain lands of some of some of our cantankerous and well-armed locals. When it was noted to her that the City Council is actually working to INCREASE tourism, Sheila smiled saying, “And I couldn’t have hoped for better results.”